What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos – Can They Help Your Website Conversions?

An explainer video is a short, engaging video that normally will play immediately when the page loads. The video is scripted to quickly explain to the visitor exactly what your website or a page on your website is all about.

  • Generally the videos are between 30 and 6o seconds
  • The animated video quickly engages the the visitor
  • Because people are too lazy to read all the written copy on your page, they will often just skim through the headings
  • This means they may often not grasp the message you are trying to get over to them

what is an explainer video

The Explainer Video Will Make Sure The Visitor Quickly “Gets” Your Message

Because the video plays as soon as the page opens your potential client sits back and watches the video. It will keep them interested, engaged and often amused.

One of the main benefits of these videos is that within 30-60 seconds you have got to the stage that your client is watching a strong call to action which could be to fill in a form, buy something or whatever you want the page to achieve.

  • People who have watched a video on your page are 86% more likely to buy your product.

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