CFT Labels Explainer Video For Website

The brief here was to create an explainer type video which would quickly showcase CFT Labels printing capabilities, and to make them stand out from the crowd.  We achieved this by using a sketch type video the opening sequence only. Thereafter the video shows images of the various industries they serve, the self adhesive labels and also machinery they supply to these industries.

  • We also needed to create an upbeat, modern website video that would hold their attention to the end
  • The choice of the background music here plays a vital role in the overall success of this video
  • The 1 minute 24 second video includes a strong cal to action at the end

The client is reporting a large increase in the number of inquiries solely as a result of this explainer marketing video  

Animated Character Explainer Video For Food and Beverage Product Page

In this video we created an  animated character in different poses with the lips synced to the voice over. The video also has a moving background in addition to different images sliding in to showcase the different types of FMCG labels the client produces.